Original question from Quora:

I’m 14 and I want to know how to become a master at programming?

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My Answer:

There is no rush…

You speak as if there is a timer that goes off when you get to college and if you haven’t mastered the material by college something is wrong.

Here is something you don’t know…

First year Computer Science students generally suck at programming. That is why they are taking classes in computer science.

Here is something else you don’t know…

Languages don’t matter. Not in the way you think they might. So don’t learn them.

Pick one language - say Java or Python or even better… C… and then build a bunch of software using that one tool. Any of those three languages is able to build a huge variety of software whether its games or apps it doesn’t matter.

If you go really deep on one tool, you’ll have more success mastering the art of programming.

Consider this… Jimi Hendrix played one instrument and he played it better than anyone else in the world. Michael Jordan played basketball better than anyone in the world. Tiger Woods was the greatest golfer in the world for a very long time.

They didn’t get there by learning 10 musical instruments or 10 sports.


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