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I want a 50 million dollar business idea to execute on before I die. Anyone have any ideas?

I am almost 18y ears old and my life goal is to have atleast 3 running companies or one company that is worth 50 million dollars. Anyone have any ideas of up and coming trends in the future or areas that are going to see massive growth?

My Answer:

Sell hamburgers.

No. I’m not joking.

If your goal is simply to have a $50,000,000 business, start opening McDonald’s restaurants. Seriously.

The average McDonalds does $2.5 million a year in revenue and $500k - $1 million in profit. It costs around $750,000 to open a store give or take…

So, if you wanted to have a $50 million business, the path is clear. Get very good at opening and operating McDonalds locations. Then, own/operate 10–20 of them and you are pretty darn close to $25–50 million in revenue and $5–20 million a year in profit.

If you are making that kind of money your business valuation will be around $50 million, but more importantly you are looking at free cash of around $10 million a year that you can do whatever you want.

The hardest part is starting. You will need something like a half million dollars in liquid assets available to get going on your first store. However, you could just as easily start with a cheaper store like a Subway, learn the restaurant business and then work your way up to more valuable franchises over time.

The point is, you don’t need a clever business idea. Take something proven, stack the bricks on top of each other, and make your money.

Don’t overcomplicate this.


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