Original question from Quora:

How do I become an expert level programmer in a week?

My Answer:

The obvious answer is that you can’t be an expert level ANYTHING in a week…

However, there is one weird thing you can do to set yourself on the path to be an expert level programmer and it only takes a week to do.

Set your alarm clock to be an hour earlier. If you wake up at 7:00 AM, wake up at 6:00 AM or something along those lines.

When you wake up, go to your laptop, open up your favorite code editor, and write some code.

It could be working through a tutorial, building some toy app, or some real project for a client or business. It doesn’t matter at all what code you are writing.

Just spend that first hour coding.

Do that every day for a week.

Then repeat it the next week.

And the week after that.

And the week after that.

And so on.

And so forth.


Years of doing that will make you an expert programmer and it only takes a week to start the habit.

Good luck!


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