Babe Ruth was great. In an era where there were not millions of dollars to be made, no stereroids, no real business to the game of baseball as we know it today, Babe Ruth stood above all other men and called his shot. Then, he took a swing and wrote history.

It’s inspiring to think that a man can point to the direction of his destiny and just sort of will it to happen. In a world filled with chaos, a sense of control is the ultimate in hope.

Do you call your shot?

But we simple people, we mere mortals don’t call our own shots. We don’t often call the shots at all. Instead, life sort of happens to us and we sit and wonder what happened. How did we even get here? It’s a bit strange right?

I think it is.

This is my attempt at saying that we need to wake up, shake the dust off a bit, and point to where the ball is going, and take a swing.

Now, the first thing you are probably thinking is – what if I miss? Well, whether you swing or not, you’re going to miss anway, so you might as well swing for the fences right?

The second thing you might be thinking is – what if I hit it out of the park? What if you call your shot and make it? Are they going to expect you to do that every time? Who are they anyway and why do they care? Can you even do it again? Does it matter? Is your doubt more powerful than your greatness?

This is a tough problem.

With a simple solution.

Just do it.


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