There is a sound, a vibe really, that shines through on some recordings. I have no idea what to call it, but I’ve heard it.

I’m chasing it.

Maybe I can describe it.

First of all, it’s not about an instrumentation per se. I hear it with something live or acoustic. I’m not sure it’s about having acoustic instruments though.

I’ve heard this vibe from studio sessions. The studio sessions seem to be recorded with the entire band playing at once. It’s like the older style of recording.

I only hear this sound on small, experimental albums that never go mainstream. The sound is incredible, but you rarely hear it unless you go to a live show.

The sound is organic and has presence. It’s what happens when you have musicians play together in person.

I wonder if having an entire band in a room playing a song at once makes music better.

I wonder if all the digital tools took the place of musicianship and performance on albums.

Perhaps flexibility in tools made music worse.

This goes beyond the recorded album. There is something magical about having the right players in the right band at the right time.

Music is a shared art. Getting the right ensemble together at the right time feels like getting the right people to show up for a party.

Lately my music feels a lot closer to finding “the sound” that I hear in my head. Still, I know it is miles away.

Perhaps I’ll never find it.

I won’t stop chasing it.


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