If you are going to do work, do great work.

If you aren’t going to do great work, don’t bother.

I believe in doing great work. Mediocre work isn’t interesting. I understand the value in just getting stuff done. Greatness is a different thing.

The quality of your work matters.

Exceptional work is worth talking about. It is something with more value than doing yet another thing.

Mediocre work won’t get noticed. It is replaceable, interchangeable, a commodity.

Your work should not be a commodity.

Whether you are mowing your lawn or you are building a company, you should do great work. That is a lofty goal, but it will make you a remarkable person.

If you aren’t willing to push to greatness on something, you shouldn’t do with it. We have limited time to do anything. Going through the motions is a profound waste of time.

Doing great work is a more worthwhile endeavor.


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