Original question from Quora:

What are some examples that show how we inherit ideas blindly?

One example is that tailored suits’ bottom buttons are designed to be unbottuned because some king in the past was too fat to button it, so everyone unbuttoned it, so as not to make him feel embarassed; and we still do it today.

My Answer:

When we are born we inherit almost everything blindly, but there is one example that effects everyone in the world.

From birth we hear people talking to us. Nurses, parents, siblings, everybody is talking and making noise.

Eventually we learn how to form similar sounds to communicate and we call this language or our native tongue. We pick it up entirely based on who we are born to.

So when you think about it, we completely accept that we should speak the language of the people around us completely blindly and without decision. It’s practical to live this way, but we never decide what language we should be speaking for ourselves.

If you think about it, at some age we all are old enough to decide a language for ourselves, but we almost never do. The overwhelming majority of people never think twice about the language we speak or why we speak it.

To me, that is maybe the biggest, most impactful example of ideas we inherit blindly and never change.


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