Brian Knapp

I believe in you.

Hire Me

If you are interested in hiring me, there are a few things you might want to know.

First, I am a talented Software Engineer/Architect who has architected and built software to handle the demands of millions of users and transactions of millions of dollars for multiple companies.

I am a full stack developer, so I can handle everything from database optimization and backend code to front end GUI design and javascript implementation.

I am the main developer and creator of the Obvious Architecture, which is designed to make writing testable, scalable software as frictionless as possible.

Most of my work is in Ruby on Rails, but I am quite capable of writing applications in JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Python, or Scala.

Whether it’s web, mobile, or desktop I have the experience to help complete your software projects on time and on budget. That’s what I’ve built my career on.

Second, I am a self published author of books such as Creative Genius, and I’ve written many popular technical articles such as the Ruby Web Benchmark Report and The Evolution of Software Applications.

My writing has over 2 million views on Quora and I’ve been a Most Viewed Writer on Quora in subjects such as Entrepreneuership, Computer Programming, Business, Money and several others.

Third, I am a Marketing Strategist with a specialization in the area of Copywriting, SEO, and Pay Per Click advertising.

Over the years I’ve purchased thousands of clicks from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, and Amazon and have personally made 2-3x returns on many campaigns.

My copywriting skills have increased my own book sales by 10x or more and are used to increase my clients’ conversion rates considerably.

Currently, I am working full time as a Senior Software Engineer at Procore. It’s a great job with a great company.

With my full time job, and writing my next book, my availability for any small consulting engagements is severly limited and I’m currently booked solid for months.

If you have an interesting project you want my help with, shoot me an email at and I can see where I might be able to schedule something.