Have you ever wanted to know how to make one million dollars? You know like they talked about in Office Space?

I’ve put some thought into it, and it’s not so complicated. Let’s put aside why you might want a million dollars and look at how you can get it.

What is a million dollars?

A million dollars is just 1,000,000 one dollar bills right? I mean, in physical form it’s a giant pile of paper.

It also could be 200,000 five dollar bills.

It also could be 50,000 twenty dollar bills.

It also could be 10,000 one hundred dollar bills.

That is just saying that a million dollars a lot of paper. If it’s just paper than it’s no different than accumulating a million of anything. You want a million dollars?

You collect it.

Collecting One Million Things

Think about all the things people collect. We collect toys, games, sports cards, stamps, coins, antiques.

Imagine you had a collection of 1,000 beanie babies. How did you get all those? I bet you bought them one at a time, or maybe in larger lots.

Over time you collected enough of them to have a large collection of beanie babies.

You might not have set out to have a big collection. Yet, here we are, with a big collection of beanie babies. Congratulations. You did it.

Collecting a million dollars is no different. You are collecting things. One little bit at a time, you are collecting things.

If you want a million dollars, you need to collect a million dollars. You do it in the same way that a stamp collector would collect a million stamps.

One at a time.

How People Get Rich

The rich and successful people have a secret. They all got rich doing the same thing in different ways.

There is an underlying principle.

Say you could buy a ten dollar bill from the government for five dollars. It still be worth ten dollars to everyone else. Every time you did that you would make five dollars profit.

To make a million dollars, you could repeat that transaction over and over again. Do this enough and you have a million dollars.

That is what rich people do. They find something that makes money, and they repeat it over and over again. At some point it stops working or they reach their goal.

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He got there because he figured out how to make like $50-100 on every computer sold. If only one computer sold, he wouldn’t have made much money.

Instead, computers kept selling and after selling Windows and Office over 1,000,000,000 times. Now he’s the richest man in the world.

Collecting Money

The reason we aren’t millionaires is not because we don’t make enough money. It’s because we don’t keep enough money. Most of us aren’t money collectors.

At the heart of the original question is not so much about just how do you get $1,000,000. It’s how do you keep that money. You want to know how have a collection of $1,000,000 right?

Well, just like anything else you could collect. You need to acquire the money, then you need to keep the money.

Most people don’t hold on to money like it is a collectable item. We treat it as a transactional thing we hold on to for a short period of time until we get what we want or need.

To have wealth, you need to collect it and keep it.

Imagine you could buy a one dollar bill for one dollar. You can then sell that one dollar bill for one dollar. Thus, you make no dollars in that transaction.

You could try and do that one million times, but you won’t have one million dollars at the end.

You need to be able to keep the dollars you earn.

Repeating Transactions, Stacking Money

If you want to have one million dollars these are the two principles you have to follow.

First, you need to repeat a profitable transaction. It doesn’t matter how valuable the transaction is, it matters if you can repeat it.

Second, you need to stack money. When you have a profitable transaction, you need to take the money and collect it and keep it.

Put it in a savings account, a vault, or somewhere where you can’t spend it ever. Don’t worry if you make a good return or not, worry about temptation to spend the money.

Combine those two concepts and over time you will have a million dollars.

It’s Just A Million Dollars

A million dollars is not particularly special. It’s just paper. It’s a store of value that you can use to trade for other valuable things. It doesn’t define who you are or what you are about.

Paper won’t make you happy no matter what you believe. But, sometimes it can be fun to collect.

I hope this helps you understand how to make a million dollars. Anyone can do it. It’s as simple as collecting a million of anything else.


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