Original question from Quora:

What should you do if you hate your job?

My Answer:

Statistically speaking, a majority of people spend the majority of their life unhappy because they don’t like or love their job. At the same time, the majority of people do nothing about it, so perhaps they don’t hate their job enough to quit.

Here is something you can do to make your job 100x better. It’s a story I heard from Zig Zigglar on one of his fantastic tapes. Here’s the short version:

A woman comes up to Zig and tells him that she hates her job and everything about it is terrible. She asks him what to do and he tells her if she doesn’t change her attitude she’s likely to get fired and not have that horrible job to worry about.

She was confused.

He then asks her to enumerate like ten things she likes about her job. She says she hates everything about it, there’s nothing good about her job. Zig digs further.

It turns out she gets paid well, has good benefits, vacation time off, and so on…

He tells her to write down the things she likes about her job and every day in front of the mirror to say to herself those things, but replace like with love.

So she is supposed to say “I love that I get paid well at my job. I love the retirement benefits…” you get the idea. Every morning.

A few months later he was doing another seminar and she’s right there in the front row. After he’s done talking she comes up to Zig and tells him, “Thank you for your help, you wouldn’t believe how much the people at my job changed in the last two months!”

Now think about what really happened. She changed her story about her job by convincing herself of all the good things about it.

I’m sure before long she was doing a better job than ever before and is likely to get rewarded with promotions, raises, and so on.

The truth is, many jobs suck. However, many more people make their jobs worse by having a negative attitude about their job.

In reality, the story we tell ourselves about or job determines a lot about how we feel about our job. So, if you want to stop hating your job, you have to start loving your job.

If you can’t love your job, go find another one. It’s not difficult if you really apply yourself and are committed to finding a new one.

Apply for 100 jobs, you are bound to get a few interviews and probably one or two offers. Apply for 500 jobs and you’ll get to pick and choose what you want from multiple offers.

Yes, to find that many job opportunities, you might have to move, but if you hate your job, it’s worth moving to find something better right?


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