Original question from Quora:

Is programming difficult to learn?

My Answer:

No. It is not difficult to learn. It is arguably easier to learn than walking, riding a bike, or driving. It’s a lot easier and faster to learn than it was to learn to speak or read.

However there is a real difficulty that you have to overcome to be a programmer.

Many many years ago two of my best friends growing up went to college and they didn’t really know what they wanted to do with their lives. So they ended up getting business degrees after five or six years of school.

At some point both of them thought they might want to be programmers. So at various times each of them took up learning to code.

To make a long story short, one of them is a professional programmer now and the other is working in I.T. and there is a big huge difference between the two…

Can you guess what it is?

One of them enjoys the practice of writing software. The other one doesn’t.

And when I say practice, I mean spending time writing code.

If you enjoy writing the code, programming is not difficult to learn because you find yourself practicing and improving your skills because you enjoy the activity of doing it.

The work part of it has enough of a “fun” component to keep things going when it is less enjoyable or frustrating.

Not everyone has that. For those who enjoy writing the code, solving problems, and making things with software, learning to program is both easy and very often fun.

If you don’t enjoy writing the code, solving problems, and making things in software, as in…

you don’t enjoy the practice…

…then programming is torture.


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