I don’t know if this is a new idea, but I’m going to define it to make discussion easier.

Katamari Damacy Effect - in software, features roll into an ever growing ball of complexity. What starts small and simple, grows into a giant ball of stuff.

As I explain in my previous article, the Katamari Damacy Effect is a natural consequence of software gravity. It happens everywhere.

As software gains features, it gets bigger. As it gets bigger it picks up more features.

Like in the video game, features roll into an ever growing ball of complexity. Eventually your ball of features (…err software) might be mistaken for a moon.

What Happens Next…

This effect of software gravity creates a natural evolution of software. There are distinct stages that seem to happen as software systems evolve. Most are in response to the Katamari Damacy Effect.

As the ball gets bigger, it gets restructured and different approaches are required to manage the complexity. This is where you see teams adopt frameworks, agile development, and so on.

It is because software gets bigger than everything gets harder.

The software business rewards those who embrace software gravity and the Katamari Damacy Effect. Thus, the effects are widespread and there are few examples of those who truly defy software gravity.

If you want to understand software development, you must understand software gravity and the Katamari Damacy effect. It explains so much about what we do.



Katamari Damacy is a fantastic video game series available on: