Original question from Quora:

Why do the majority of software engineers want to work at Google instead of Facebook or Apple?

My Answer:

Here is something funny…

I’ve never met a software engineer that dreamed of working at any of those companies.


Here in the midwest, there isn’t nearly as much idolization of Silicon Valley as there is elsewhere I guess. I mean, yes plenty of people dream of SV style success, but for the most part if they were really wanting that life, they’d move to San Francisco or Palo Alto.

And that is the whole point…

Most software engineers when they don’t have a job just want to land a solid job. It’s not so important where that is so much as what you get paid and what the work is like.

When engineers have a job, the focus is usually on their current situation, not their future situation.

Working at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazon is kind of like working at IBM in the 70’s or 80’s…

…it’s a beautiful dream.

Most don’t take the time to dream that dream, especially after college.

Meanwhile, those who are dreaming in their day jobs are dreaming about NOT having to work ANYWHERE. But, that’s another story.


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