Original question from Quora:

How can I market my product without spending money?

They say you should not advertise your product untill you’ve exhausted all the other means of marketing it. I was wondering what those “other means” were. We are talking about a product in the field of women’s accessories.

My Answer:

“They” gave you bad advice. There are plenty of reasons why you would advertise your product, like for example if you want to sell it, you should advertise it.

But, even still the rest of the advice is equally bad because there are many, many, many ways to market a product. In fact, there are so many ways to market a product that you will never, ever use them all. So I guess there is no reason to advertise right?

Wrong. You should advertise. But before that you need to do something else…

You should also stop listening to terrible advice.

Here is a bit of good advice…

There once was a young boy who wanted to be a guitar player like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

He had no inherent skill in music or guitar. He’d never played anything before.

He got a cheap secondhand guitar off of Craigslist and asked his uncle, who played guitar, how to get good at playing guitar.

His uncle told him, “You need to play guitar every day. If you want to play Hendrix and Clapton, start trying to learn their songs. Even if you can’t at first, learn the simple parts and work your way to the hard parts.”

So, the boy played every day. For a while he was terrible and his parents didn’t appreciate his guitar playing. After a few months he could play something that sounded a bit like music. Months later it started to sound pretty good and years later he could play any Hendrix song he wanted.

His friends and family were amazed by his “talent” and skill at guitar. Learning to play so well while still just a teenager was incredible.

Yet, his uncle knew the boy’s secret. He knew the boy played every day and after a few years his nephew was better than he was.

It was no accident.

You need to do like the boy who learned guitar.

What you really want is to be able to sell your product. You need to learn to sell your product.

So, go out and sell your product. Every day.

You say its an accessory for a woman? Good news, 50% of the people in the world are female. So, you should have no problem finding someone to sell to.

You can go door to door, talk to your mom, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandparents, friends, co-workers, church members, people at the gym, or even random strangers on the street. If there is some kind of public market like a farmers market or a county fair, set up shop there and sell. You can go to trade shows and have a booth there.

Do this every day.

Sell every day.

Sell your product every day.

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Sell every day!!!!

No matter how many ways I can say it you need to understand that you need to sell every day.

If you go out to sell your product every day something magical will happen. You’ll start to learn how to sell it. You will see what people like and what they don’t like. You’ll learn who it works best for. And you’ll become confident in your ability to sell your product.

You might even find a better product along the way to sell.

After a few years of selling your product every single day, you’ll have more than just a product that sells. You’ll have the skill of selling on your side and nobody can take that from you.

And here’s the best part…

“Great advertising is salesmanship in print” -Claude Hopkins (the greatest ad man that ever lived)

“Great advertising is salesmanship multiplied” -Gary Halbert (the greatest ad copywriter that ever lived)

You learn to sell, and advertising your product is easy. Take what you do to sell it in person and turn that into an ad.

Learn to sell because it’s the foundation of your business.

Can you imagine how good you’ll be in just a few years of selling every day?


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