Original question from Quora:

What are some of the most absurd things about modern life?

My Answer:

The average person is basically unhappy and spends most of their life being basically unhappy.

I believe I saw a statistic that something like 85% of people hate their job. Perhaps not constantly, but if you think about that for just a minute…

Nearly every person you meet is spending 80% of their waking life doing something they hate. Most kids spend the first 20 years in a school system they don’t enjoy either.

So, most people spend most of their time doing something they don’t enjoy or get fulfillment from.

People grow up and go to school to get jobs they dislike to earn money to buy things that force them into debt so that they work at a job they hate to buy things that don’t make them truly happy.

It’s a very sad hamster wheel.

To make things worse, everybody tells everybody else the story that this is what life is and that it’s some kind of progress over what people had before. Or, they talk wistfully about the “good old days” when things were simpler and not so busy.

Both are probably untrue, but that’s the story everybody is selling and consequently, most people are buying.

Meanwhile, whether it’s true or not, it’s the script that the majority seems to want to follow and gets rather upset if anyone opts out of the script. It’s as if life is a bizarre theater where everyone is handed a script they don’t like for pay that isn’t very good and everyone takes it as if it’s the only script they’ll ever be handed.

Enough people do this that the sheer inertia of it all creates something we call society or civilization, regardless of how civil it may or may not be.

I’m an optimistic person, but people make strange choices. When enough people make strange choices, it makes life weird.


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