There is a secret to getting stuff done. Make a little progress every day. It is a key principle to my success in anything I’ve ever done.

I keep a daily to do list. I don’t do it like other people.

The Daily To Do List Process

First, I don’t let my to do list get long. I shoot for three things each day. Any longer and I won’t get that much done anyway.

Second, I check my list against my priorities and values in life. Not the day to day ones, the big picture stuff. I don’t want to find myself living outside of those values for too long or too often.

Third, I don’t keep a backlog. Yesterday is gone and its priorities don’t matter. Each day is a clean slate. Nothing carries over.

Last, I keep my daily to do list in a pocket notebook I designed for this purpose. It’s like Field Notes, but flips open reporter notebook style and has tear out pages. It is also a bit smaller.

Each day I put in my new to do list. As the day goes on, I pull out the list and check off what I finish. At the end of the day I tear out the page and throw it away.

What I’ve Learned

It is tempting to have a backlog. Don’t do it.

I don’t take notes in my notebook. I have other notebooks for that if needed.

It’s not about how many things are on your to do list. It’s about what you get done. If you get two or three things done each day, you win.

Write your goal down. I put my one goal at the bottom of my list. It keeps me aware of where I’m going.

It Should Make Your Life Better

The purpose of my to do list is to make life better.

It’s a coping mechanism to deal with daily life. When this system stops doing that, I fix it.

I expect my daily to do list to change to fit my needs over time.

For now, it’s fantastic.


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