Original question from Quora:

Why do people still use Microsoft Excel instead of Google Sheets?

My Answer:

The short answer is because Excel and Sheets are not the same thing. What you’ve asked is like asking why would anyone drive a Honda Civic now that Tesla has a Model 3 or Model S?

Just because they both do spreadsheets doesn’t mean they are equivalent software. They do different things in different ways for different reasons.

More importantly, many millions of people already know how to use Microsoft Excel. For many people who are well trained in Excel, switching to Google Sheets isn’t going to add anything.

In fact, Google Sheets will probably make millions of people less productive.

Here is a real example:

I worked with an insurance agent who had this complicated spreadsheet he used in sales presentations to make quotes. It was a specialized and complicated form of insurance that had these large data tables to make calculations.

In theory, that could be done on Google Sheets. However, it’s possible that porting all that over to Google Sheets would waste many hours to get something that does largely the same thing.

What is the point? Why waste the the time?

Now, extract that experience to potentially millions of people who would gain nothing by using Google Sheets for their existing work.

There are many products that might be different or better, but for many users do largely the same thing. There is no tangible benefit to switching.

Just because something new comes along doesn’t mean there is a good reason to switch. Different or new doesn’t often mean better. It just means different.


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