It is hard not to look at mobile and the mass profilferation of devices of every shape and size and realize just how horribly inadiquate most web design is currently.

Take my blog for instance, I designed it originally to look like Safari’s awesome “reader mode”, but while it looked awesome on my desktop and laptop, it looked junky on my Kindle Fire and my phone. So, what is a mobile dev to do?

Luckily, this newfangled “responsive design” is here to the rescue and anyone who can download Twitter Bootstrap, or the many other responsive design frameworks can have their very own site friendly to devices of every shape and size.

So, I took a few hours and I redid this blog to be mobile awesome.

Again, I’m still inspired by the various takes on distraction free reading and this time I’m going for more of a white on gray look. Don’t worry, it’s still very distraction free. I promise I won’t clutter the site.

So, was it hard?

Nope, it was really easy, I started with Twitter Bootstrap, I grabbed a bootswatch theme, and then I tweaked the colors. The rest was done for me.

How hard would it be for you to make your site responsive to mobile devices?

Well, if you are using Wordpress, there are a ton of responsive themes to choose from now. If you are using something else you can start with Bootstrap and theme it to your liking, or pay someone else to do it for you.

The point is, for relatively minimal effort, you can support ALL devices in a reasonable way.

So, be nice to mobile devices and make your content look as good as it possibly can in as many places as possible.


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