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Can you share with us some fresh startup ideas?

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They say “It’s not about the idea but the execution of the idea”

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My Answer:

Alright, I’ve got a unbelievable idea that has the potential to make millions, yet thousands of people drive by it every week and have no idea.

Have you ever driven to Las Vegas? I have.

Actually, I didn’t drive to Las Vegas on purpose, but rather I drove through it and onward to the L.A. area.

This was a family vacation and I won’t bore you of the details except to say that there is a stretch of highway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles that is basically empty desert.

As a funny side note, there is a small town/shopping center/hotel/casino/theme park on the border of Nevada so that people in California don’t have to drive the extra hour to get to Las Vegas I guess.

I found that strange, but I guess they are making money too.

Nonetheless, if you drive past that town into California, you drive through some beautiful landscape, rugged terrain, and empty desert. It feels like a wonderful drive until you realize you need to get gas or go to the bathroom.

All of a sudden you realize it is a long way between stops and on a weekend, traffic is horrible. You basically have 3–4 lanes worth of traffic fighting over 2–3 lanes. It’s stressful and unpleasant.

And yet, when you do finally find a little gas station in the middle of nowhere you will find that gas is $4 or $5 a gallon where it otherwise would be $2.50 a gallon. You will find that all the snacks, pop, candy, jerky and so on are also marked up significantly. And you will find long lines at the bathroom.

Because at these tiny little gas stations, the demand is 2–3 times as high as it is anywhere else and supply is almost nonexistent.

I stood in line for 30 minutes to use the bathroom in one of those little gas stations.

It sucked.

Now, imagine if you took a nice highway truck stop or even a well maintained larger gas station and put it along the highway. You could put it across the road from the other one and make a killing.

The startup costs might be high, but you have a captive audience of thousands of drivers passing between LA and LV every week. It’s a license to print money if you do it right.

In fact, I’ll give you an even easier way to make money if you were so inclined…


Put up a food truck across the street at one of those places where people are already stopping. I’m not sure what the licensing cost or regulations might be, but you have a captive audience.

Someone could drive an hour or two from Las Vegas out into the middle of the California desert along I-15 and make some good money every weekend as people travel to and from.

I live in Nebraska, so I have no real desire or ability to do this anytime soon, so if anyone out there wants to make some money… there you go.

Good Luck!


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