Original question from Quora:

I’m a standup comedian, when do I need to create my own Facebook page?

I’m not famous, actually I just did some open mic. Do I need to create a Facebook fan page ? I don’t feel confortable doing that. It’s like I was pretending I’m a famous person or so.

My Answer:

At this point in your career, you need gigs, not Facebook fans. If you feel you really need to connect with people, do it in real life.

Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfield, and more were world famous before Facebook was a thing. How did they do it? They played clubs. Lots of clubs.

As a standup comedian, your bread and butter is your ability to get gigs doing your thing in front of an audience. A Facebook page isn’t going to do that for you.

Instead of doing a Facebook page, make a list of 100 clubs you’d like to play. Then, call or visit the manager in person at each place until you are booked so full that you can’t possibly take any more gigs for months.

Do those gigs and get good at making people laugh. Then book more gigs. Repeat until you are booked solid every weekend for like a year or whatever.

In a couple years of hustling in this way, you’ll be good at standup comedy and you’ll be good at landing gigs.

Guess what? Then you can put up a Facebook page and a ton of people might show up just because you’ll be famous.

At that point you won’t need a Facebook page and you’ll realize how much time young comedians waste on Facebook instead of landing gigs and making people laugh.


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