Original question from Quora:

What are the best romantic relationship tips?

My Answer:

There is one trick that men don’t know and it costs them thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetime. Even worse, they spend that money and get almost nothing in return.

Men, let me ask you something, have you ever done the dishes for your wife/girlfriend? If not dishes, something else relatively “small” in your mind…

Now, if she doesn’t expect you to do it, she’ll be surprised and happy for a little while, then things will go back to normal. If we were scoring things with points, you’d probably expect to get a few points for doing a nice thing, and on her imaginary score card, you would get maybe 1 point.

Still, that’s not bad, you scored a point and made her happy. Good job.

Now, small tasks don’t seem like much help when things aren’t going well, so every once in a while, a man will get a bright idea to surprise his lady with flowers.

Men, let me ask you, how many flowers should you get your wife if you want to surprise her? A dozen roses? A fancy bouquet from 1–800-flowers delivered to her office perhaps?

Seems like a good idea and if it has been a while and catch her by surprise, she’ll be happy for a while, then things will go back to normal. Have you ever noticed that the joy initially is quite large, but it doesn’t last very long?

Well, here’s the deal…

You probably think that if one rose equals 1 point, then a dozen roses is at least 12 points right? More is better and better is more points, right?

For that big surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to her office you probably gave yourself dozens of points, maybe hundreds. She gave you one point.

One stinking point.

You might as well have done the dishes. Right?

In despair, you could quit reading this question and be upset about how unfair it is that doing the dishes, folding the laundry, giving her a diamond necklace, or giving her a dozen roses is each worth one measly point, I would understand that reaction.

But giving up is for fools and if you are paying attention you’ll see something magical.

Doing the dishes is the same as a dozen roses. A single rose is the same as a diamond necklace. A point is a point. Do you know what this means?

If you want to load up on points, the way you do that is not through great big romantic gestures like you see in the movies. No way, that’s amateur hour.

A wise man doesn’t give a dozen roses all at once. He gives them one at a time, twelve days in a row.

You don’t spend $300 on fancy jewelry, you send her 300 post cards, one each day for almost a year telling her how much you love her.

In my experience, the impact of one beautiful flower a day for two weeks is so much more than a dozen roses all at once it’s night and day.

Men, try it yourself and see what happens. You won’t believe you ever bought a dozen roses or expensive jewelry to woo your woman.


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