Original question from Quora:

What is the most underrated web development language and why?

My Answer:

People are going to hate this answer, but it’s true so what the hell…

The most underrated web development language is PHP.

There, I said it.

PHP is by far the most amazing web development language because you can build pretty much anything on the web with it, even something as complex as Facebook, but you can also write really simple single page utility apps like calculators and scrapers and things like that.

The simplicity of PHP can be astonishing. You can put a PHP file in a folder that Apache is looking at, and BOOM! you have a working little web app.

And while you can say that PHP isn’t a very “good” language, neither is JavaScript actually. And somehow, PHP and JS combine to power a huge portion of the internet. I believe something like 25% of all websites run WordPress (which is PHP). A bunch more websites run Magento, VBulletin, PHPBB, and loads of other one off PHP scripts too.

So, there is a lot to like about PHP.

Even if Ruby, Python, Java, etc. are often “better”, PHP is that workhorse that doesn’t care and keeps going anyway. Frankly, I love that about PHP.

All the new hotness is elsewhere nowadays with NodeJS, React, Elixir, Clojure, and so on, but PHP just keeps doing its job and making the internet what it is for millions of developers worldwide.

I dig that about PHP.


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