There is an old story about a turtle and a rabbit who decided to race. The rabbit was faster. Everybody knew this. Even the turtle knew this.

The smart money was on the rabbit. No one but a fool would bet on a turtle in a race. When it comes to sports, you can’t coach speed. Human wisdom and common knowledge were sure that the rabbit wins by default.

But, they had their race. Low and behold, the rabbit lost. The turtle won. How could such a thing happen?

As the story goes the rabbit was faster, but got distracted, got lazy, got prideful, got caught up in its own hoopla. Meanwhile, the turtle just kept on walking.

The turtle just kept on walking.

The rabbit ran circles around the turtle and the fans cheered for the rabbit. But, the turtle kept on walking.

The turtle knew something that the rabbit didn’t. The turtle knew it didn’t matter how fast the rabbit went. That didn’t change how fast the turtle could go. No sir.

The turtle could only go as fast as the turtle was made to go. So, the turtle put one foot i front of the other and went. To the turtle, walking was running. So, we think that the turtle was going so slow that it was walking, to the turtle it was running.

Now, the turtle and the rabbit is just a story. But the lesson is real. Time and time again, it is not the first mover or the fastest runner that wins the race. It is so often that slow and steady progress that wins the race.

How To Catch 100 Fish

I like to fish a lot. But, I don’t go fishing that often. There are other things more important to me than going fishing most days.

Now, if you know anything about the sport of fishing, you will know that it is as simple or as complicated as you make it. For example, you can get a plain hook, a worm, and throw it out in the water. Wait long enough and you might catch a fish.

You also can spend $20,000 on a bass boat with fancy electronic fish finders and GPS maps that will tell you exactly where to fish. You can spend hundreds of dollars on rods and reels and fancy fishing line and all that stuff.

Yet, sometimes an 8 year old kid fishing with a bobber from shore will catch far more fish than the man in the fancy fishing boat.

So, knowing all that, if I asked you how to catch 100 fish, what would your advice be?

I know what my advice is. Go fishing every day. If you even catch one fish a day for 100 days, you catch 100 fish. Done.

Now, others might say that you need to fish in a certain spot at a certain time with a certain bait. That’s fine for them, but why complicate things?

If the goal is to catch 100 fish then you do what you need to do to catch those 100 fish.

Last year I did not catch 100 fish. I think I went fishing maybe five or six times. I had fun, but I caught less than 10 fish total last year.

If I wanted to catch 100 fish, I should have been out on the water more. It doesn’t matter how fancy your gear or technique or approach is. At some point it is just about putting time in fishing. There is no replacement for that.

Just like the rabbit and the turtle, You want to be a great fisherman, it’s not complicated. You spend time fishing. That is the secret.

How To Win The Race

So, to win the race, it’s not about running harder or faster or having some fancy technique. It’s knowing that walking is running. If you walk long enough, you reach the finish line as a winner.

No matter where you look, the same lesson repeats itself. Those who win are showing up every day and doing the simple thing that gets them to the finish line.


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