Original question from Quora:

Is it too late to become a writer at 28-years-old?

My Answer:

It is never too late to become anything, so it’s a bit of a silly question, but it’s also a useless question on its own, so I’m going to ask you a few simple yes no questions…

Can you read? I hope the answer is yes.

Can you speak coherent thoughts out loud? Most people should say yes.

Do you want to become a writer? Again, I’m betting you are nodding or saying yes out loud.

Good, so you can read, you can speak, you want to become a writer, is that right? Of course it is.

By now everyone else has stopped reading, so it’s just you and me and I can let you in on a little secret…

…the only thing you need to do to become a writer is to write!

Writing is easy. You can read and you can speak out loud, so all you have to do is have a conversation with yourself or an imaginary person out loud or in your head and write it down as you go.

Yes, it’s as simple as transcribing your inner monologue or outer monologue as you go at whatever rate makes sense for you and as you do it you find yourself writing out a bunch of words as if by magic.

Harry Potter BAYBAY!! (Okay, I’ll calm down a bit)

So the mechanics are easy, you think, you speak, you write down what you think or speak. That is writing, the rest is details.

Onward. Now, the next thing I want you to do is ask yourself these questions out loud and repeat them at least 5 times.

How am I going to start writing today, so I become a better writer tomorrow?

How can I write something every day, so that I am prolific and successful?

What can I do right now that will get me started as a successful writer?

If I had a gun to my head and if I didn’t write a bestseller a terrorist would blow my brains out, what would I write?

Who can I emulate that has the success that I desire as a writer?

All done? Whew, you must be tired.

One last thing…

I love Quora, but you should leave Quora and go write. Get up out of your chair, grab a pen and paper and just go write a paragraph or two. Get some words out, feel the flow.

The long view on this is simple… Writers write, so if you want to be a writer you need to write.

Go and write.


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