Original question from Quora:

What are good ways to be an excellent writer?

My Answer:

There is one way to be an excellent writer that I know, but I’m not sure you are going to like the answer.

Here is how I became a good writer…

Last year I decided I wanted to be a successful self-published author. Someday a bestseller if things go right.

Anyhow, after I decided what I wanted to do, I did the thing that made the most sense to me. I wrote a book.

Seems obvious right? Well it gets even more obvious.

How do you write a book? You write every day until it’s done. And that is what I did and still do.

Every day I show up to my computer and write something. Sometimes it’s for my book. Sometimes I’m editing a book. Sometimes I’m writing on my blog or quora.

The point is, I write every day. Every time I write I get better.

I call this principle “Paint Every Day” after a story I read somewhere a few years ago. A man asked his friend, an artist, how he became such a great artist. His friend replied, “I paint every day.”

So, write every day. It doesn’t matter what you write about, it matters that you write.

Over time, you get better at writing and with enough practice you will be excellent.

It’s worth putting the time in to be excellent.


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