Original question from Quora:

What books will change the way I market products?

Building the ultimate marketing and product management book list.

My Answer:

There is one book that will change the way you look at selling books or anything else. It is written by the greatest copywriter of the last 75 years, who unfortunately died a few years back.

That’s too bad because Gary Halbert was an incredible man.

The book is The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert and it was written as a series of letters to his son while he was doing time at Boron Federal Prison.

Even though Boron Prison was a minimum security prison, it was no candy land. It is out in the California desert. I drove by Boron once and it’s not a place I’d like to be.

Yet out of that comes this incredible book about direct mail marketing and copywriting, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about the fundamentals of selling.

The entire book is one great big letter teaching you how to sell something to someone.

It’s really brilliant and it deserves to be. Gary wrote a sales letter that was mailed over a billion times.

Think about that. Even at $0.50 per letter, that is a half a billion dollars spent sending out letters and they did it profitably. The wisdom that was able to do that, is in The Boron Letters.

And here is the best part. The book is available 100% free online.

However, you should do yourself a favor and read it in print. Print it out or buy a copy and sit down and really read it. You’ll learn so much more doing that than almost any other book suggested in this thread.

Halbert was a legit marketing genius with nearly no equal in his time.


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