You are made for something more. That is what I believe. We were all made for something more.

70% of people hate their jobs.

If you spend 10 hours a day working, on break, commuting, or getting ready to work, that is 71% of your average day doing something you hate.

The majority of people spend the majority of their waking life doing something they hate.

That’s messed up don’t you think?

What if you didn’t hate your job?

Wouldn’t you rather do what you love?

I know I would. But, that’s the hard part right?

What is your passion? What do you love?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who knows exactly what you want. I think most people don’t know what they want.

So, I’m going to give you a few ideas on how you can find your passion, and at the end of this article you will learn the secret to finding your passion, what nobody tells you about dreams, and the biggest mistake most people make when finding their passion.

Gosh that was a mouthful. Let’s get to it.

“You Can’t Do It! Why Don’t You Give Up?”

That’s the voice in your head telling you to quit. For the rest of this article you have to ignore that voice. It’s full of crap.

But, it can be useful…

When we have a dream, that voice is going to freak out and tell us to quit. Don’t listen to the words, but pay attention when it shows up.

Often what we are most afraid of is our dreams coming true. We are afraid to give ourselves permission to dream.

You have permission to dream big, crazy dreams.

What Do You Believe?

Whether you know what your passion is or not, defining your core beliefs is critical to finding and living your passion.

If you don’t know what you believe, you won’t live your beliefs, and you will be one of those 70% of people who hate their job.

Not living your beliefs is a sure fire way to be unhappy.

Here is a trick to defining your beliefs. Get out a sheet of paper and write down the 5 things that are most important to you.

It doesn’t matter if you write down ideas or concrete objects. They just have to be the most important things to you.

Once you have your list, ask yourself “why?” for each item. Keep asking until you get to the larger idea behind each thing that is important to you.

Take your whys and make a new list of the 5 most important whys in your life. That is most likely your core beliefs. That is what drives you.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Perhaps the most valuable question in the world. You can ask it at any age and it’s still an awesome question.

If money, skills, time, etc. were not an issue. If you could be anything or do anything, what would you do with your life?

Take that answer and look at your list of beliefs. Do they fit together?

If they fit together, you may have found your passion. Awesome. Congratulations!

If you don’t have an answer to that question, give yourself time to think about it. You don’t have to know your passion right away.

But, you do need to pursue it.

The Thing Nobody Tells You About Dreams

Following your passion is awesome. However, there is something you might not hear elsewhere about it.

Following your passion doesn’t mean quitting your job and abandoning your responsibilities to pursue it. At least not right away.

You’ve built a particular kind of life because of what you believed about yourself up until now. It is unwise to light that on fire and start again.

Instead, you need to rebuild your life around your newfound passion. That means big changes and small changes over time until you get there.

A real world example…

As I write this article, my first book has sold less than 100 copies. That doesn’t replace my software developer salary.

I believe I’m going to be a successful author, but I’m not there yet. So, I’m working toward it every day.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

What I want you to do now is find a pencil and paper to write down your 5 most important things and then do ask why exercise to find your 5 core beliefs.

Then, I want you to answer the question of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” assuming money, responsibility, skill, etc. are no object.

Compare your beliefs and dreams to see if they line up. Keep searching until they do. Give yourself time.

It’s powerful stuff, believe me.

Good luck! I hope this helps you find your passion.


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