I’ve been doing this blogging thing off and on for about a decade now and I know that sometimes I before I write I blog post I wonder what to blog about. This is probably the hardest site to write for because there is no real direction. I don’t want to write about just one thing.

What To Blog About

On this blog, I’ve decided that pretty much any topic is a good topic. It’s a very unfocused blog and as of this particular moment in time, I don’t really have ads on the blog, so really don’t care about topics as much as if I had a more specific site I was working on.

I landed on this thought process because on this site this is very much an experiment in just creating content and seeing what happens. Maybe someday this site will lead to creating a tribe or a book, but right now it’s me just brain dumping and practicing my writing.

Practice Your Writing

If you want to get good at something you need to put the time and effort into practicing that thing. I want to be a good writer, so I write. It’s not a complicated thing. It’s just what needs to be done to build up my skill. It’s not anything much more thoughtful than that.

Focus Your Content

If I were to build up a more profitable website, I would pick a topic and focus on that topic. That topic could be literally anything because when it comes to picking topics, just about any topic is a pretty good topic. There is so much traffic to be had on the internet it is really a bit of a numbers game. If you write a lot of interesting content, you will probably get some traffic to your website over time.

I am taking the strategy on this site that I just write about whatever is interesting to me at the moment. Sometimes it is technology, sometimes it’s my faith, sometimes it’s just random stuff like writing about writing. I know writing about writing would be weird if not for the fact that Stephen King wrote a whole book about it, so I guess I can write something about it too right?

So, that’s my own kind of answer to myself on what to blog about. Next time I ask myself what I think, I’ll probably just read this post.


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