Original question from Quora:

Why do people want to be taller?

My Answer:

I believe there is a strong psychological reason that we all share, even if it doesn’t make sense.

A parable can better illustrate it than simply saying it.

There once was a king who was the greatest and most powerful king in the world. His banks of treasure were so vast that he had incredible large storehouses filled with gold and riches and money and art and all the most valuable things in the world.

The king’s armies controlled a vast empire. They fought battles and won. All opposition was easily conquered and most countries were more interested in trading with the king than fighting with him, lest they risk losing everything.

One day, a magician dressed as a poor beggar came to the king and said, “even though you are the richest and most powerful king in the world, there is no way for you to fill my offering plate”

The king was intrigued, then he was upset. There was no greater king in the world and he would not be embarrassed by this beggar.

So, the king put a few coins in the plate, but they vanished an instant later. He poured out even more coins and moments later they were gone.

Servants were ordered to bring more gold and fine things and put them on the plate and they all vanished. Before long the king’s vast treasure was gone.

The king panicked and his guards seized the magician dressed as a beggar. They questioned him and asked why the treasure vanished and why the plate would never be filled.

The magician responded, “The plate is made of human desire, and no amount of treasure can satisfy it. It disappears as soon as it is attained only to be replaced by human desire.”

The king was crushed and his kingdom ruined by his pride and the unquenchable desires of man.

You see, people want to be taller, bigger, stronger because all people want more of everything. Bigger is better in the minds of everyone.

Bruce Lee was perhaps the greatest fighter of his day, but most people would rather look like Brock Lesnar than Bruce Lee because Lesnar is bigger and more intimidating.

It’s the same reason why people keep building taller buildings, bigger companies, and so on.

Even though it doesn’t make much sense, we will always want more and in our minds more is better than less. Taller is better than shorter. Stronger is better than weaker. Lots of money is better than almost no money.

Because of that fact, people will always want to be taller, stronger, smarter, richer, better looking, and so on. It’s human nature.

It doesn’t mean that any of those attributes make you a better or more successful person, it’s simply a reflection of the unquenchable human desire to have more.


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