Original question from Quora:

Will coding ever be obsolete?

My Answer:

No, there will be a need for coding at least during our lifetimes, which is the only thing that truly matters to you right now right?

However, the reason why it won’t be obsolete is not what you think.

Do you remember mainframes? What about tape drives? What about weird old systems that run our telephones, financial systems, banks, stop lights, and so on?

Do you know what runs the infrastructure of the world?

A lot of it is Cobol and Fortran and other weird stuff. It’s all old.

It probably won’t be replaced for a very, very long time. Maybe 100 years in some cases.

People who learned those skills 30–50 years ago are still valuable, if not more valuable than they were when mainframes were popular.

Eventually many of them will die and nobody will replace their skill and those skills will be astronomically valuable.

The point is, most things are never truly obsolete, but the demand might shrink considerably.

The demand for terminal apps and text based software was much higher in the 80’s than it is today. The demand for mobile apps is a lot higher now than it will be 20 years from now.

Yet the demand for coding overall has increased exponentially in our lifetime. At some point the demand will level off and shrink, but don’t forget - there are still blacksmiths and other older professions that exist today.

They isn’t the same demand, but there is still demand.

Coding won’t become obsolete, but the demand will change. Demand always changes.


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