Original question from Quora:

How soon will Trump supporters lose faith in his ability to improve their lives?

My Answer:

I’ve read through the other comments and the consensus seems to be that Trump supporters are either too stupid or believe too much to lose faith, or possibly when America explodes into oblivion they’ll figure it out.

I’m not a Trump supporter, I voted for Ron Paul, so I can give you a more unbiased opinion of things. Also, I don’t agree with everything Trump is doing, so you should know that while what I’m about to say is probably going to make you mad, it’s honest.

Alright, are you ready for this?

Trump supporters are going to be more successful than those who refuse to listen to his words.

Yep, Trump followers are going to win more than everyone else for the next 4 or 8 years.

Okay, at this point you either think I’m crazy or you are mad because I said something that doesn’t jive with how you view the world. Stay with me because it will make sense once you understand a very important word…

But before I tell you what that word is I have to take you back to the Super Bowl this year when the Patriots came from behind to win, beating the Atlanta Falcons in spectacular fashion. I didn’t watch the game, but I had a pretty good idea what the outcome would be.

No, I don’t mean that I knew the Patriots would come from behind like that to win.

What I mean is, the New England Patriots for the last 15 years or so with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have proven one thing over and over again.

They are winners.

Over and over and over again they win. Yes, there is controversy over how they have done it. Yes it looks like they cheated or at the very least bent the rules from time to time to win.

No I don’t agree with cheating.

But I’m not talking about how they got there. I’m talking about the outcome.

The entire Patriots organization is built around winning. The culture is about winning. The preparation is about winning. The goal is to win a Super Bowl every year. The goal is to win every game.

They won’t settle for anything less.

Okay, now that is one example.

As an expert in people management and human motivation, I’ve studied coaching, sports, success, and all the many forms of winning vs. losing and what the differences are.

I could give you a list of a bunch of things that are sort of important, but there is one overriding principle that you have to have to be a winner.

You must be obsessed with winning. You have to talk about it. You have to work at it. It is the focus and the goal of everything you do. Win. Win. Win.

Read about how obsessed Michael Jordan is with winning at everything he does from basketball to golf to poker or anything.

Read about how Kobe Bryant would practice for hours before and after regular practices when he was already MVP of the NBA. He was more focused on winning than anyone else in the league.

Read about how hard Bill Gates pushed to have Windows take over the world. They wanted a Windows computer on every desk and didn’t stop until that actually happened.

Read about how hard Steve Jobs pushed to make Apple the #1 computer company in the world. He made Apple have the best products, the most profit, and the best operations because he wanted to win.

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again you see that success requires an obsession with victory in whatever field you are in.

It’s not an accident.

So, what does all of this success and winning nonsense have to do with Trump supporters?


If you look at Trump as a politician, he makes no sense at all. He doesn’t care so much about policy or politicking as you’ve seen from Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. We believe that politicians are supposed to act a certain way and Trump doesn’t act that way at all.

Trump talks funny. A lot of people believe he is dumb or a clown or something. When he said, “I have the best words.” everyone laughed at him.

Yet, he managed to beat 16 established Republicans and the most famous, most qualified, most well connected, most well funded candidate ever in Hillary Clinton.

He did that with his words and his hustle because…

Donald Trump is a winner.

Donald Trump is obsessed with winning and being the best. His entire branding empire and everything is about associating his name with greatness, winning, luxury, and the best this world has to offer.

Again, I’d like to point out that I don’t support or agree with Trump on most things. I didn’t vote for him.

However, Trump won the presidency fair and square.

The rules were set in advance, on election day nobody had a problem with those rules, and by those rules he won. He scored the most points - electoral votes.

If you think that Hillary should have won because she had more popular votes, that is like complaining that the team who had the most yards lost the football game because they didn’t score enough touchdowns.

But I digress…

Where was I?

Oh yes, Donald Trump is a winner. He is absurdly successful by most any measure. He’s rich, he has what seems to be a great family, he’s famous, he married well, and he is now president.

In a lot of ways, Donald Trump lived his own version of the American dream where he turned millions into billions. He did what thousands of startup founders and entrepreneurs fail at every day. He became famous for reasons that are still mystifying to pretty much everyone. He has succeeded beyond what anyone expected him to do and he’s done that over and over again his entire life.

That is pretty remarkable.

And because of all of those things, his supporters, his followers, his believers, and hopefully the rest of America if they manage to listen are going to become more successful than they’ve ever been before because…

Trump is coaching America to win.

Listen to his words. He talks about winning almost every day in some form or another. He tells people America is going to start winning again. He talks about winning things. He uses the word win over and over again.

His slogan was ‘Make America Great Again’.

That was not some secret code about racism or something. Not even close.

It’s about winning.

Trump at this point in his life cares about his legacy and his legacy will only be a good one if America wins. So, he’s coaching all of America to win.

Now, about half of America hates Trump and wants to get rid of him. And they just don’t get it at all.

Trump is going to spend the next 4–8 years going around America telling people about how they are going to start winning and being great again. It’s the classic coaching of giving a rousing halftime speech.

A coach doesn’t go around and say, “it looks like we are losing, so lets fold up the tent and go home, they are the better team.”

That coach would be fired.

A great coach inspires a team even when it doesn’t make sense to have hope. I’m sure Bill Belichick told the Patriots at halftime that they were going to come back and win.

Statically, The Patriots did the impossible in NFL Super Bowl terms. No team has ever done that. Yet, their coach hyped them up, believed in them, and told them they were going to win.

And they did!

Trump’s rallies and appearances are designed to be halftime speeches. They are designed rouse Americans to positive action.

That’s why he always talks about greatness and winning. He wants us to win.

Now, I’m not saying that talking about winning is going to make you win every game or battle or anything like that. That’s not how it works.

What I’m saying is winners have a way of focusing on victory, preparing for victory, and finding a way to win that others don’t. It’s in how they talk, how they walk, how they live.

Those who follow and emulate winners start talking, walking, and living the same way and achieve a similar result.

With Trump as Team USA’s coach, those who listen to his encouragement will do better. We will win more.

And those who hate Trump and refuse to listen will lose more and become more frustrated.

So, Trump’s supporters won’t lose faith because they are going to start finding success they can’t totally explain. They will work harder, feel better, get better jobs or land more promotions, and in general life will be better because they will start seeing themselves as winners too…

…and when you believe you are a winner, and start living like a winner, you will start winning.

Trump supporters are going to hear the message and start winning. So will everyone else who is coachable enough to listen. And even those who don’t love Trump will benefit from those around them who are winning.

The people who are going to be left out in the cold are the stubborn fools who refuse to listen and pay attention.

I’m no fool. I plan on winning. Do you?


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