Original question from Quora:

Should I work harder or enjoy life more?

I am a 23 year old guy and lately l am stuck with this question in my mind, wondering if I should spend more time foucing on building my skills and studying to become successful. Or Should I spend more time with friends, go to parties and spend money on vaccations, in short I live the momoent.

My Answer:

I’m going to answer no.

I don’t believe you are asking a very useful question.

Here is a better question. What would be the ideal day you could repeat every day for the rest of your life. And I don’t mean a vacation day.

I mean, design the day that you could find joy in, find fulfillment in, and never grow tired of.

Without knowing you, I would guess it would include time with family, friends, but also include you working on something somehow.

I have no idea what your ideal day might be. But, I know that you are going to find a more sensible answer to the first question by answering the second question than by trying to answer the first.

Good luck my friend.


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