Original question from Quora:

Why has no one ever tried to write a better language as a substitute for JavaScript?

My Answer:

Actually, there are hundreds of javascript replacements out there nowadays. Seriously, they aren’t hard to find.

Basically, everybody and their brother by now has written a language that compiles to JavaScript and runs on JS virtual machines like V8 and the like. At this point even future versions of JS are compiled to JS until the virtual machines are able to run them natively.

It’s never been an issue that there isn’t something that could replace and improve on JS. It’s more the issue of adoption. JavaScript is amazing for the fact that it is everywhere and almost anyone can pick it up quickly.

Pretty much everything that tries to replace JS fails on one of those two areas.

It’s like trying to replace pop music with death metal or classical symphonic orchestra. To a small group of people, either might me better or more pure than pop music, but everybody listens to pop music (whether they want to or not).

JavaScript at this point is pop music. It won’t go away, everybody uses it and sort of enjoys it, so why fight it.

Also, with languages that compile to JS, you can use the one you like and still run on JS, so it’s fine.


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