I Love Jesus

I love JesusIf you want to know one thing about me, I want you to know that I am a Christian.

That means that I trust Jesus Christ for my salvation from death and hell. Also, to be a Christian means implicitly that I strive to live according to the example that Jesus gave us in both His words and deeds.

I believe this is important enough to share with you because I care about you. I am not here to judge anyone or to claim that you are a sinner while I am a saint. I am no saint.

I mean for this site to be about me and my thoughts, and so if I really believe what I say I believe, I should be willing to tell you that I love Jesus.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

a dark chocolate covered almonds chocolate barI needed an excuse to write, so I thought I would write about dark chocolate covered almonds, because why not? Seriously, they are amazingly delicious. I could go on, in fact I will, because you need to read this.

Dark chocolate covered almonds or dark chocolate bars with almonds are about the best candy that mankind has developed thus far in our history. Of all the amazing concotions humans have created to delight and provide joy, dark chocolate and almonds are one of life’s purest joys. It’s got to be right up there with coffee.  Continue reading